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Why finance tires and auto repairs?

How to afford safety without compromise

Are you looking for new tires? Is your car scheduled for an upcoming annual inspection but will require costly maintenance to pass? Or maybe you are faced with unexpected and expensive vehicle repairs that could cripple your family budget? Being able to handle these types of emergency expenses is necessary to ensure your vehicle will keep you safe on the road. An auto repair credit card can enable you to afford the safety you need.

Safety first

Safety should be the highest priority when it comes to vehicle needs for your family. Regularly rotating and replacing tires is one of the most crucial maintenance functions to keep your ride running smoothly and safely. Whether it's preparing for the upcoming winter or dealing with challenging road conditions, tires take the brunt of wear-and-tear damage to your vehicle and should be a routine part of any maintenance schedule.

Tires are one of the most critical components of driving, and yet there remains a significant lack of knowledge regarding proper tire maintenance. This knowledge gap can leave drivers susceptible to dangerous situations on the road and financial burdens off the road. Not knowing when to check tire pressure can lead to easily preventable flat tires, or worse, blowouts. Not knowing which type of tire may be suitable for your vehicle and climate may leave your car unsafe to drive on the roads or you could over-purchase for an unneeded set of new wheels.

Safety can be expensive

But making big-ticket purchases for tires and service can be a difficult choice, or even feel like it is just not a viable option, especially the first time you get handed a quote from your local mechanic. Whether it is due to limited savings or having credit cards with low credit availability, many families can find themselves bogged down by other bills and financial obligations and unsure how to pay for a new set of tires. Many individuals hesitate to apply for a credit card for fear of being declined, or from a lack of transparency or understanding of all the benefits a card can offer.

Financing safety with an auto repair credit card

An auto repair credit card can alleviate both financial and safety concerns and help you afford essential tire and service costs by keeping your monthly payments for auto repairs manageable. An auto repair credit card will also keep credit lines on your other cards available, while you take advantage of easy tire financing. Don't sacrifice vehicle safety or dependability ever again.

Auto repair credit cards offer generous credit limits, and they can be among the easiest credit cards to obtain. Typically, these cards have no annual fees, making them a smart solution for a budget-minded driver. Also, most providers tend to offer special promotional financing options on qualifying purchases. These features will limit the financial stress of making a new tire investment.

With an auto repair credit card, you have the comfort of knowing you are prepared to take on routine maintenance in addition to unexpected and potentially expensive vehicle repairs.

Credit First National Association offers a wide range of auto credit cards. Contact us to today for the peace of mind of being able to finance your tire and auto repairs needs!

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